Our Mission

Legacy Journey offers China tours that set us apart and make us unique. We work with expert bilingual guides who have vast experience guiding families, including those with small children. For years, our guides have shown families a special and unforgettable time throughout their adoption journeys. With our knowledge, experience and relationships with China, we are able to show you the best of what your child's homeland has to offer.

Quality, Affordability, Experience: Legacy Journey has it all.

Legacy Journey offers exciting tours for families that want no-hassle, straight- forward tour packages at an affordable cost. Our Legacy Journeys range from tours in partnership with the central adoption authority of China to personalized tours specific to your family and your needs, including our agency sponsoring your visit back to your child’s orphanage.

Unless you wish to travel with other families, you will have your own personal guide in China who will provide an individualized experience for you. Our guides are highly experienced, highly trained, and highly motivated native Chinese who are committed to Legacy Journey’s mission of fun, informative, and stress-free tours for all families.

Additionally, regardless of your chosen tour option, you will have a Travel Advisor at your service. Whereas other  agencies only make your arrangements, your personal Travel Advisor will be with you at every step in the process. With Legacy Journey, not only do you have a personalized in-China guide, but you have one here as well.


Families that are just starting their LegacyJourney

Of course, our ultimate goal with Legacy Journey is that our family tours help you and your child discover his or her roots. We are not only committed to finding loving homes for children, but also to educate and assist adoptive families in learning about their child’s culture and heritage. If you are considering adopting from China, a Legacy Journey tour may even help you decide if China is the right country for your family. However, we also offer our tour packages with non-adoptive families in mind.

We guarantee that you will find our costs competitive and affordable, our guides the best in the business, and our tour packages unparalleled.

More About Us

Since 1996, we have helped more than 8,000 families travel to China to adopt. We are experts in arranging, booking, and organizing Chinese travel due to our experience with international adoption. Our bilingual tour guides not only have insight into every travel destination, but they understand the process and impact of adoption.

Our access to orphanages and government officials is singular. We have an excellent relationship with orphanages across China due to our humanitarian aid projects, and our experience in adoption has provided us with exceptional relationships with foreign adoption authorities.

At Legacy Journey, we want to make our tour your tour. With this in mind, we have designed services or options for every detail, including but not limited to adding on an extra city to securing travel visas, offering amenities including travel insurance, giving travel tips, and even helping you pack!

Once on the ground, our attention to detail both prior to and during your trip will allow you to relax and focus on what’s truly important: time with your family.

Our Work

We are a charitable, non-profit organization deeply involved in humanitarian projects for children in need. You can rest assured you have chosen an organization to serving others worldwide.

For any tour package, we offer families the chance to donate through our Gifts of Love program. This program was built as a way to get orphanages what they so desperately need to care for orphaned children. With this in mind, you are welcome to make a specific donation to your child’s orphanage, or a general donation that will be sent to one our 6 orphanage partnerships.

Your donation will go directly to children in need, supplying necessities for childcare, equipment, training our social workers, or medical mission trips. Your Gift of Love will improve the orphanage, and enhance the lives of children waiting to go to their forever home.