We have put together a product that will not only cut down on your packing, but will alleviate the confusion of deciding what to bring for your new child! This comprehensive package takes care ofContinue Reading
This package can contain whatever you would like to send to the child as long as it fits inside a FedEx large box, and weighs no more than 20 pounds. For sizing dimensions, Continue Reading
Great Wall China Adoption is proud to announce that we are now offering photo albums for our families of the orphanage your child resided in before coming home. This album will be given to you inContinue Reading
Great Wall China Adoption is happy to offer Great Wall Cell Phone service to our families traveling to China. Previously, Great Wall Cell Phone is only available to families choosing the PremierContinue Reading
Great Wall is now offering travel insurance to our Classic families. We feel this is a great opportunity for families to feel safe and secure during their travel toContinue Reading
Great Wall is honored to be the ONLY agency with this book entrusted by the CCCWA to distribute this book to U.S. adoptive parents. Your order will be mailed to you by media mail in theContinue Reading
Great Wall offers to send the care package for you. Our bag of goodies contains items listed below for different age ranges. If you are interested in sending your child a care package we willContinue Reading

As all adoptive families know, the day will come when your child wants to learn about their history, and how they became a part of your family. It can be hard to face this subject,Continue Reading

This handbook is a quick reference for the language barrier that may initially exist between you and your child. The handbook has Chinese and English phrases, the phonetic pronunciation, alongContinue Reading
Chinese Family Chops are now available with your family’s last name (or any name, as long as it’s one word) translated into Chinese! A chop is an ink stamp that comes with an ink pad in a ChineseContinue Reading
In a combined effort with Dr. Todd Ochs, we are now able to provide you with prescriptions for four medications proven to be effective for families adopting from China. Many pediatricians willContinue Reading

The package is shipped from our office in Beijing directly to your child’s orphanage. The benefits of this service are that we will ask the Director of your child’s orphanage to take photos ofContinue Reading